May 28, 2009


Yunan Syahpora

At one particular opportunity when getting e-mail from a friend from Rusia which have profession as teacher. And just giving a little impression about around my daily activity who related with my Institution in Campus. So I think there is nothing wrong to post several pictures for explain like what she ask.

although our friendship dissociated by distance which far. but because sophisticated of Technologi in this time by internet is added by Facebook which epidemic to progressively make the distance likely non constraint again. Borrowing expression of word of Carl Sagan, a writer of astronomical science said the distance is something non we make it but what we feel more or less replying curious of a friend which now is elaborating its life in Aussy.

Maybe with the its longing expression circumstantial at past which have been overcome with, so that generate to feel the curious about like what nowadays and how circumstance of all Friends of Mind with its workdload everyday. Come up with to feel the curiously to myself which according to him he hear now acting educational, what that information even also got from interaction through Facebook. But rather freting of me when She rehear to My Sweet Hometown in Ternate (North Mollucas/Halmahera Island) a set profession as Lecturer in place which is in the eyes its possible not yet been touched by a civilization or have harsh but its in place I teach really come into contact with direct experiencedly.

Or Maybe My Place still minim of place building of lecturing activity. Finally with do not injure to feel our friendship through years duration, I try to present the pictures of concerning place where during the time I fill my day as instructor. There are some Building Lecture where my place teach which do not only in one University ( University Of Khairun ) but also In Ummu ( University Of Muhammadiyah Maluku Utara) hopefully like this a few curiously feeling hit where and like what my activity place is one day replied. And might not be proportional with its workplace which is complete with outspread view complete with physical plant of skyscraper. But for me, as far as I Feel with my Activity as a Lecturer Now, makes me happy and feel better than any other profession.

May 2, 2009


Subaim. Place name at one of this Subdistrict Wasile town is pertained special region in East Halmahera . Direct at least eight set of living resident, this area will become the sentra rice in regency, even include; cover the Middle Halmahera. BY transmigrant of Java origin which is each 1.000-2.000 people of every set of living recident ( SP=Satuan Pemukiman), the regional tilled till yield the paddy 20.665 year ton (2002). The amount represent result of crop of farm harvest 6.885 hectare.
Opportunity for the posting of a little story which coincidence at the same time with the duty of UN Supervisor for the SMA OF Muhammadiyah Subaim will be felt without effect if nothing a little appreciation of through this article which for me is a first experience and enough tire in split the forest of East Halmahera.

Weather Morning which less fraternize to start seen around inter island port becoming our departure place in Inter Island Port. Visible of black cloud start at the time Speedboat which we board go to the Sofifi, Capital Of Future of Provinsi of North Moluccas.
And just correctness after 30 minute in the middle of voyage from Ternate Go to that Jazirah Halmahera, Speedboad which we board a few experiencing of its problems that’s one machine is not running well caused bumping a wood which finally a little fox instruct our target.

unsolved by wave go out to sea and torrential rains which we experience of the our quartermaster speedboat try as calm as possible to overcome the ordinary small problem experienced. but because in the situation weather which not enable finally generate misgive among us which is about 10 passenger which also have the same duty that is as Team of Supervisor of UN SMA 2009 in HALTIM (East Halmahera) & HALTENG (Middle of Halmahera). When we arrive at port of sofifi. Although out of the target far from port which is gone to by a cause we not seen a marking to be able to close to dock sofifi but we grateful at weather which is like this, travelled distance which even relative near by sometime can generate the fatal problem of trivial things cause like availibility of compass often disregarded by all speedboad crew.