Jun 17, 2009


Yunan Syahpora

Philosophy area always give the challenge for beginner which wish to learn it. to learn it, we always use opportunity intentionally the time on Saturday evening in Kalamata Fortress Ternate . This activity in fact is the way of dissimilar to test how far student ability in mastering this science discipline. and after getting study almost one semester hence its test made by like this. test system which during the time according to me not too giving valid knowledge about student domination in this subject.
I realize full in teaching this subject ist all important is how the philosophy bases have to be comprehended in advance. before step to more complex other philosophy thopics. so that first of all, all student is in front introduced through four approach to recognize the philosophy farther. The first approach is approach of through definition. where according to this approach is philosophy have to be comprehended by student through definition congeniality etimological. what that philosophy does it mean according to greece Ianguage term or other language as like English, Arabic and also Indonesia literature. can might not only give the meaning and mean about Philos and Sophia is what according term of science.but what the opinion by each concept about that matter according student. the second approach to defin the philosophy for beginner. generally I teach according to approach branchedly, taking example what does it mean about , ontology, ethics, epistemologi, logic, metaphysics and also esthetics. Student given by a freedom have a notion as according to what they comprehend in advance. a while for third approach give to the student to concerning with the existing stream like rationalism, empirism, existecialism etc.. In fourth approach about philosophy figure. from ancient Greek philosophy history till philosophy of post modernism.
With this way, we will know how far philosophy knowledge of according to beginner student which wish to learn philosophy. In this session usually a lot of more opposing to student among religion and philosophy. And looks like need much time required for the discourse of this themes. at least with the method learn the philosophy like this the existence of more drawing near psychological link between and teacher and their student. that way instruct the education system not always dictated through formal test which cannot watch seriously hit how far ability analyse from students.